This platform invites professional colleagues, partners and other enthusiasts with who we share various interests around DIGITAL MARKETING.  We hope to create a vibrant community of business leaders that are consciously aware of the extent and impact of the "digital revolution".  Please feel welcome to share your thoughts in the various discussions of interest here and let's make the journey together.  See you soon; and "let us never fear to think".

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This platform invites professional colleagues, partners and other enthusiasts with who we share various interests around DIGITAL MARKETING. We hope to create a vibrant community of business leaders that are consciously aware of the extent and impact of the "digital revolution".

Please feel welcome to share your thoughts in the various discussions of interest and let's make the journey together.

See you soon; and "let us never fear to think".
  • The world’s population passed 8 billion on 15 November 2022, and has reached 8.01 billion at the start of 2023.
  • Just over 57% of the world’s population now lives in urban areas.
  • 5.44 billion people use mobile phones today (2023), which is 68% of the total global population.
  • There were 168 million new mobile phone users over the past 12 months; (Jan 2022 - Dec 2022)
  • There are 5.16 billion internet users in the world today (2023), meaning that 64.4% of the world’s total population is now online.
  • Today (2023) there are 4.76 billion social media users around the world, which is just under 60% of the total global population.
  • This year alone (2023), it is projected that there will be 137 million new internet users, indicating an annual growth of 3%.
  • There is a direct, albeit delayed, positive correlation between growth in internet use and growth in social media users.

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